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... Touring residential streets in his native Flanders, De Bruyne photographed the houses as he passed.
The result is a glimpse of Flemish suburban life, with its brick bungalows, manicured lawns and shrubs
and immaculate walkways and driveways that convey a sense of the house-pride and alienation in our communities.
« I wanted to show the way people design their private domains in one of Europe´s most densely populated areas »
says De Bruyne « How do people present themselves to their neighbours ?
How do they distance themselves and outline their territory ? »
The answers lie in the roughly two dozen images, which, as usual with De Bruyne,
are reduced to essential lines and colour planes.
They seem to depict domestic stage sets into which autumn leaves never fall, decors of cloistered lives.

Delphine Cool, The Bulletin, 11 October 2007.